Boxster & 996 Headlight Bulb Replacement

This video shows the steps to replace the low beam headlight bulb in a 986 Boxster & 996 911 Porsche. The headlamps in this video are Porsche Litronics, commonly known as xenons or HID. The procedure to replace the bulb…


Boxster & 996 Horn Replacement

Troubleshooting and replacement of bad horns on a Porsche 986 and 996. When your horn is not working, it is usually one of four things.. the horns, the switch, the fuse or the relay can be bad. To determine if…


Uview Airlift Demonstration and Review

This video demonstrates how to use the Uview Airlift and fill the coolant on a Porsche Boxster. The Boxster, with its mid engine layout and front mounted radiators is notorious for leaving air bubbles and creating an airlock when filling…


How to Replace a Boxster Air Filter

This video shows how to change the air filter on a Porsche Boxster, 986. The air filter is in the engine compartment and you will need to open the convertible top, remove the rear deck carpet and remove the engine…


Porsche Boxster Window Regulator Replacement

My video below shows how to replace a widow regulator in a Porsche Boxster. This procedure to replace the window regulator is similar in all models of Boxsters, 986,987,981 and all models of the new 911’s including the 996,997 and…


Porsche Boxster & 996 Battery Location

WHERE IS THE BATTERY ON PORSCHE 986 BOXSTER OR 996?The battery on a Porsche Boxster or 996 generation of 911 is located in the front trunk underneath a cover panel. There is an emergency trunk release on the Boxster and…


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