How to Replace a Boxster Air Filter

This video shows how to change the air filter on a Porsche Boxster, 986. The air filter is in the engine compartment and you will need to open the convertible top, remove the rear deck carpet and remove the engine cover to gain access to the air filter. There are no tools needed to change the Boxster air filter.

The air filter is in a tray that slides into the air box, the filter sits snuggly in the air box and it will take some effort to take it out.


  1. Place the convertible top in the access position (this is basically halfway open)
  2. Unclip the rear apron
  3. Unclip the tension cables on either side of the top. This is a small ball and socket connection.
  4. Remove the carpet by twisting the 4 hold towns 90 degrees.
  5. Remove the engine cover by twisitng the snap locks by 90 degrees.
  6. Locate the airbox on driver side of engine, unclip and slide out the air filter tray.
  7. Place the new air filter in the tray and put everything back together!