Where to check the Oil on a Porsche Boxster

The 986 Porsche Boxster has a normal dipstick in the rear trunk to check the engine oil level, it also has an electronic level check in the instrument cluster. When adding oil to the Boxster, be careful not to overfill.…


Boxster Oil Change

BOXSTER OIL CHANGE, WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW....OIL CHANGE TOOL LISTPorsche Oil Filter Housing Wrench27mm Socket 1/2″ Drive (for the Porsche Tool)1/2″ Drive RatchetTorque Wrench with Adapters as Needed8mm Hex Bit 3/8″ Socket3/8″ Drive Socket DO I NEED THE PORSCHE OIL…


Boxster Spark Plug Tube Replacement

Some notes on changing the spark plug tubes on a Porsche Boxster.You can change the plug tubes without removing the plugs.You can change only the o-rings if you want to. My car has over 250,000 miles and the engine has…


How to Remove Porsche Boxster Shift Knob

https://youtu.be/iRdDqB075WMRemoving the shift knob and boot on a 986 Porsche Boxster is very easy. You will want to use a plastic prybar to help to pry up the shift boot clips and not damage or mar the center console.The steps…


How to Replace Porsche Front Hood Struts

Replacing the front hood lift supports on a modern Porsche is a very simple job and the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) parts are not very expensive. The only tool needed is a pick or a small flat blade screw driver.…


Replace Boxster Rear Trunk Lift Supports

Replacement of the rear trunk lid lift supports on a Porsche Boxster is very easy. The only tools needed are a small pick or flat blade screwdriver and a large flat blade screw driver.https://youtu.be/pfUcjm1hiYoTo remove the old lift support you…


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