Uview Airlift Demonstration and Review

This video demonstrates how to use the Uview Airlift and fill the coolant on a Porsche Boxster. The Boxster, with its mid engine layout and front mounted radiators is notorious for leaving air bubbles and creating an airlock when filling the coolant. Using the Airlift will quickly and easily fill the coolant on a Boxster and leave no bubbles to cause overheating and airlock circulation problems!

The Uview Airlift uses compressed air (shop air) from an air compressor at about 120 to 135psi. The Uview Airlift does not use a vacuum pump. The Airlift device creates a venturi effect when fast moving air rushes past a constriction and a hole inside the device that leads to the vehicle’s cooling system, the fast moving air through the constriction creates a low pressure area and the coolant and air is drawn out of the cooling system through that small hole.

That is my unscientific, ignorant, laymen’s explanation of the venturi effect, you can read more about the venturi effect at wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venturi_effect

The Airlift 55000 kit serves as a cooling system leak detection* (I prefer to call it a leak determination device) and coolant refill tool. The Airlift refills the cooling system in a matter of seconds, it takes under a minute to fill most cooling systems. I highly recommend this kit for refilling the cooling system on a Porsche or other rear or mid engine vehicles.

*The Uview Airlift can be used to test the pressure of a cooling system to determine if there is a leak in the system, but I do not recommend it as a leak detection device. It is better to use a positive pressure test to find a leak in the cooling system, since the positive pressure will push air and coolant out of the leak location. I have heard of people converting their Uview Airlift to a positive pressure device, but I think I prefer to have the two separate tools rather than have to convert each time I needed to perform a different coolant system test or refill.

You can purchase the Uview Airlift kit on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2cyFUum