LR3 Water Pump Replacement

This video shows how to replace the water pump on a Land Rover LR3 including tool list. Water pump replacement on the LR3 is a simple job that can be done in just about 1-2 hours depending on skill and…

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LR3 Oil Change

When draining the oil on a Land Rover LR3, the oil likes to shoot out with enough force to coat your floor with a thick layer of oil. Don’t let this happen to you! When draining the oil, place a…

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LR3 Tailgate Strut Replacement

Replacing the lift supports on a Land Rover LR3 is a simple repair. If your tailgate is sagging, the struts may be worn out.The tools needed to replace the tailgate struts is a flathead screwdriver and a helper or pole…

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LR3, Discovery 3 Battery Location

The location of the battery in a LR3 or Disco 3 is in the engine compartment. It is under a cover panel on the passenger side. The cover panel is held down by 3 clips, these clips a very brittle…

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LR3 ABS Bracket Replacement

When I was looking to purchase a Land Rover LR3, every one I looked at had a rusted ABS Vacuum Pump Bracket. This rusted part in the engine compartment is really cheap and very easy to replace, so why not?…

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