IKEA Kitchen Door Samples

If you are planning an IKEA kitchen and you are not sure which doors and drawer front to use, you can get inexpensive drawer front “samples” at IKEA. WHERE THE DOOR AND DRAWER SAMPLES ARE:Located on the IKEA first floor, usually…


Install the IKEA 153 Degree Hinge

The video shows how to install the IKEA 153 degree hinge. the most important part of installing the hinge is to make sure you have the notch on the cabinet side plate facing out, so the pin on the hinge will…


IKEA Torsby Table Assembly Instruction Video

This video shows some tips and gives instructions to help you assemble the Torsby Table Frame from IKEA. This IKEA table is a simple assembly, but there can be some trouble if you tighten up the cross members before the…


IKEA Tobias Chair Assembly Instruction Video

The Tobias clear dining chair from IKEA is an easy assembly project. Building the clear or smoked Tobias chair should only take a few minutes.There are 4 fasteners that hold the seat and frame together,they are all different and need…


IKEA Integral Hinge Explained | How To Video

This Video explains how to snap the INTEGRAL Door hinge parts together on an IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Door and install the Door Damper for soft close kitchen cabinet doors on RATIONELL.If you are having trouble with the door not snapping…


IKEA Utrusta Hinge Adjustment

This video shows how to adjust the IKEA Utrusta Hinge and cabinet doors on an IKEA kitchen. There are three screws on the hinge that are used to adjust it. One screw adjusts left and right, one screw adjusts in…


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