Porsche Boxster Window Regulator Replacement

My video below shows how to replace a widow regulator in a Porsche Boxster. This procedure to replace the window regulator is similar in all models of Boxsters, 986,987,981 and all models of the new 911’s including the 996,997 and 991.

If your Porsche is equipped with side impact airbags, you may need to remove it to replace the window regulator. If you remove the side impact airbag, you must disconnect the battery and let the car drain down some time, if you fail to do this, you will trigger the Porsche’s Airbag Light and you will need a Durametric to reset it, or visit a Porsche tech!

When you place the new window regulator in the door, be sure to not twist the cables. Lay the regulator on the ground and observe how it is routed in it’s relaxed state.


  • 10mm socket
  • 3/8 drive ratchet with extenders
  • 3/8 drive torque wrench if desired
  • panel pry bars, panel clip removers
  • screwdrivers
  • paper tape


  • Window Motor to Door: 8 ft-lb, 10 Nm
  • Window Motor to Regulator Assembly: 8 ft-lb, 10 Nm
  • Window Driver Clamping Jaws to Window: 7 ft lb, 9 Nm
  • Window Regulator Rails to Door: 8 ft-lb, 10 Nm

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