Porsche Stuck Horn, Porsche Horn Honks When Braking FIXED!

Scroll down for video of the Porsche stuck horn repair.

If you have a Porsche Boxster or Porsche 996 and your horn is stuck on, honks when braking or turning.. You may have worn out airbag bracket bushings. You do not need to purchase a new airbag bracket (Retaining Frame 993.347.088), you can fix the horn and the airbag bracket by fitting $2.50 worth of #31 o-rings to supplement the worn out bushings.

To fix the horn and repair the airbag bracket, you will need to loosen the airbag only, you do not need to remove the airbag completely. With the airbag out of the way, you can access the airbag bracket and squish in the o-rings on the front and back side. You will need 8 #31 o-rings. The time it takes to repair the horn bracket should be around 20 to 40 minutes.

If you decide to remove the airbag, disconnect the battery, and do not connect the battery again until you have reconnected the airbag!

if you somehow throw an airbag code and the airbag light comes on, you will need to use your Durametric to clear the airbag code, or you will need to take the car to an independent Porsche mechanic, or Porsche dealer to clear the airbag code.

Tools needed to repair the horn on your Porsche Boxster and 996:
T30 Torx
19mm Socket
Wrench to disconnect battery negative cable.

If you have a Porsche factory radio, you will need your radio code.

To make the horn repair, you will need 8 #31 o-rings, they can be purchased at home depot, lowes, menards, etc in the plumbing section, or you can buy them here: http://amzn.to/2qwphI1

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The cost to repair the horn bracket at the dealer has been reported to cost between $300 and $400 US Dollars.

Ralph on YouTube was kind enough to take some time and share some notes on repairing the horn on his 1995 911 993.

Tools Needed:

  • 17mm Socket
  • #T27 Torx

Ralph also instructed that you only place one o-ring on one side of the bracket, the side between the bracket and the front of the car. If you place an o-ring on both sides of the 993 horn bracket, the airbag will not seat properly.

It should be noted, i am not the discoverer of this fantastic repair of the Porsche horn bracket, the original inventor’s identity has been lost to me through time and antiquity. If you want more great porsche repair techniques and repair help or you want to share your own expertise, please visit, register and support the great people at RennTech.org