Boxster & 996 Horn Replacement

Troubleshooting and replacement of bad horns on a Porsche 986 and 996.

When your horn is not working, it is usually one of four things.. the horns, the switch, the fuse or the relay can be bad.

To determine if the horns are bad, turn the car off, and push the horn button, you may be able to hear a click underneath he dash, this is the horn relay. If you hear a click, this confirm that the switch is good, and the relay is probably good and the horns are probably bad. You can use a test light to confirm this at the horn’s electrical connector.

If you don’t hear a click, the horn switch may be bad, the relay is bad, or the fuse may be bad.

If the fuse is missing, you may have a problem with the Boxster or 996 airbag bracket in the steering wheel.

Why do both horns fail at the same time? They do not, what happens is that one failed and you did not notice, then the other failed. When you replace the horns, you’ll immediately recognize this, when both horns are working on the Boxster… they are loud!

Horn Location on a Boxster and 996: The horns are located on the passenger side of the Porsche, behind the front bumper cover, the duct work for the radiators and behind the front bumper.

Tools needed to replace the horns on a Porsche Boxster and 996:

– Philips Head Screwdriver
– Flat Head Screwdriver
– 10 mm wrench
– 14 mm wrench
– T25 Torx