Boxster & 996 Headlight Bulb Replacement

This video shows the steps to replace the low beam headlight bulb in a 986 Boxster & 996 911 Porsche. The headlamps in this video are Porsche Litronics, commonly known as xenons or HID. The procedure to replace the bulb is identical on the 986 and the 996. The headlight bulbs used in this video are the Philips 85122 D2S, purchased from Amazon for $36 each.

The only tool needed to change the bulbs is the headlight removal tool or a 5mm socket with extension.

This is an easy DIY and should take just a few minutes to complete.

Boxsters and 996 Porsches with Litronic Headlights, use this type of bulb:

Boxsters with halogen headlights and the high beam on litronic headlights, use a bulb like this:

*Be sure to check for proper fitment for your exact vehicle