How to Replace Porsche Front Hood Struts

Replacing the front hood lift supports on a modern Porsche is a very simple job and the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) parts are not very expensive. The only tool needed is a pick or a small flat blade screw driver. The hood struts are held in place by a clip, this clip keeps the socket end of the lift support on to a ball on the hood. Simply pry up the clip and then pop the strut off the ball. Installing the new lift support by gently snapping the socket on to the ball. The clip does not need to be pried up when installing.

When you are under the hood, take this opportunity to spray some white lithium grease into the pivot point of the hinges and into the hood latch. This lubrication will keep the hood latch working properly and help keep the pull wire at the latch from failing.

Get the OEM Stabilus front hood strut lift supports here:

White Lithium Grease for lubricating the pivot points and the hood latch:

Replace Porsche Front Hood Struts