Where to check the Oil on a Porsche Boxster

The 986 Porsche Boxster has a normal dipstick in the rear trunk to check the engine oil level, it also has an electronic level check in the instrument cluster. When adding oil to the Boxster, be careful not to overfill. The notches on the dipstick indicate 1 quart, so if your oil level is on the bottom notch, it would take 1 quart to raise the level to the upper notch.

You do not want to overfill the oil on a Porsche, the oil system works in such a way that any excess oil gets into parts of the engine that it does not belong in such quantities. This will cause problems for you, the least of which is white smoke out the tail pipe.

I use Mobil1 20w-40 oil in this Boxster and change the oil around 7,500 miles or around once a year. I am in a warm climate and rarely drive the car.

The intro on this video was filmed in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida.

Newer Boxsters do not have a dipstick to check the oil! you can only check the oil by the digital gauge on the dash.

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