How to Remove Porsche Boxster Shift Knob

Removing the shift knob and boot on a 986 Porsche Boxster is very easy. You will want to use a plastic prybar to help to pry up the shift boot clips and not damage or mar the center console.

The steps to remove the shift knob and boot.

  1. Open the convertible top and place the car in 4th gear. This will allow you to pull up on the knob with some force and not hit your hand on the rear view mirror!
  2. Use a plastic prybar to pry up on the shift boot to separate the boot from the center console. There are four clips total, two on each side of the shift boot. Get a plastic prybar set on Amazon here:
  3. Grab the shift knob and pull straight up. The knob should come right off. If this is the first time you have take off the knob, it might be tough.

If you are replacing the shift boot on your Boxster, you will need to cut off the leather from the base of the shift knob, remove the boot’s mounting bracket and install a new boot on the old bracket and old shift knob. I purchased a new leather shift boot on Amazon here:

Pry up the shift boot clips

Some things to note on the new leather shift boot.

  • This new leather boot is thicker than the original and may require that you take some of the panels off the center console to install it.
  • The new boot will have all the cutouts required to mount to the old bracket.
  • The texture on this leather shift boot ( is not as smooth as original, it has more of a “football” type texture to it. I don’t mind it, but if you are looking for a perfect match to your Porsche 986 interior, this is not the new shift boot for you.
  • You may want to glue the new shift boot to the old knob, if so, fold over the flaps at the knob end apply some leather glue and attach. Leather Glue:

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