How to Replace the Oil Filler Neck and Filler Seal on an LR3

The LR3 and RRS oil filler tube seal is located on top of the engine. It is replaced by removing the engine cover and then removing the oil filler tube. The oil filler seal is sold as a complete assembly which includes a new oil filler cap, new oil filler tube and a new oil filler seal. The seal is an o-ring and will wear out and allow a small oil leak to form on top of the valve cover. This oil filler tube should be identical on 2005-2009 Land Rover LR3 with the 4.4l V-8 and the Range Rover Sport of the same generation.

Buy a new LR3 and Range Rover Sport Oil Filler Tube with new oil fill cap and new seal here:

The tools needed to replace the oil filler tube are:

  • 6mm Deep Socket
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • The new part should cost around $20 and can be purchased on Amazon:

The tube is removed by prying up a tab at the base of the tube and then unscrewing the tube counter-clockwise.

Land Rover LR3 and Range Rover Sport Oil Filler Tube

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