Land Rover Hitch Receiver Removal and Install

This video shows how to remove the detachable hitch receiver on a Land Rover LR3, Range Rover Sport and LR4. We primarily use our tow receiver to hold our KUAT NV Bike Rack:

The locking pin on the quick release hitch receiver must be retracted in order to attach it to the vehicle. You will need the key in order to turn the knob completely to fully retract the locking pin. If you have having trouble fully turning the knob, they key may be moving slightly so make sure the key is fully turned when you turn the knob.

How to deal with a stuck Land Rover detachable hitch receiver, some possible solutions:

  • Make sure the key is in and turned completely to the unlock position. Sometimes when you are fiddling with the hitch, the key will move a little bit and stop you from turning the knob completely.
  • Pull out the green knob before turning. You need to pull out the green knob completely exposing the red ring before you turn the knob to release the hitch receiver.
  • The locking pin on the detachable hitch receiver may be stuck on some debris. Check for gunk and grime on the back side (on the side where the spare tire is) at the point where the hitch attaches to the Land Rover.


Kuat NV Bike Rack on Land Rover LR3

We love the Kuat NV bike Rack, it is by far the best bike rack. It is solid, good looking and easy to use. the bike rack does interfere with the parking brake sensors.