Land Rover LR3 Transfer Case Oil Change

This post covers the steps, tools and details of changing the transfer box oil in a Land Rover LR3. Changing the transfer case oil is very easy. The transfer box uses Land Rover part #IYK500010. The transfer case oil capacity is 1.5 US Quarts. I buy the oil from Land Rover Merriam Parts at $30.91 a quart (June 2018).

LR3 and Discovery 3 Transfer Case Drain and Fill hole locations

Get the transfer case oil at Merriam Land Rover CLICK HERE and search for IYK500010

You can buy the transfer box oil on Amazon:

Special note: If you wish to replace the copper washers, you must use the correct washer, Land Rover part # IYF500030. Generic, off the shelf copper washers are too big in diameter and will not fit.

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