Simple Sandpaper Organizer Idea

This is how I store and organize my sandpaper. A simple expanding file folder. You don’t need to build a big rack and don’t need an expensive organizer or purpose made sandpaper storage system, you just need a simple expanding file folder. This is a great gift idea for someone who is into home improvement, art projects, furniture renovations and more!

I suggest that you use an expanding file folder that is made of plastic and is fully expandable, like this one: and with a cost of only around $6, this is one of the simplest and cheapest sandpaper storage ideas!

This sandpaper storage idea allows you to keep the grits separated and store all different sizes of sandpaper. I organize the sandpaper by grit from finest grit to the coarsest and I keep all sizes of sandpaper sorted by grit. If you have a lot of sandpaper to organize, you could keep separate file folders, one for sandpaper sheets and one for your orbital sander, sanding blocks, etc.

I have been using this storage system for years and it has really help me keep organized and more importantly saved me trips to the home improvement store to buy sand paper that i already have!