Program Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote, Conflict Fix

Programming the Remote on a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is done by turning off the power at the breaker, turning on the power, then holding down the program or reset button in the battery compartment of the fan’s remote control within 30 seconds of the power being turned back on.

When you have multiple Harbor Breeze ceiling fans in a home and on the same power circuit, you may have a conflict when programming them. Sometimes when you program one fan it will reprogram the other ceiling fans on that circuit, because you have to turned off power and back on to all the fans, not just the fan you are programming. In our condo we had 2 fans on the same circuit, one in the bedroom and one in the living room, and when reprogramming one, you would actually reprogram both ceiling fans. To fix this you will need to do the normal reprogram process but when you press the learn button on the remote, you need to get as far away from the fan you are not trying to reprogram. In our condo it was necessary to go outside and while being in line with the bedroom fan but far away from the living room fan.

If your remote is the type with dip switches, then you will need to locate the dip switches on the fan, they are usually located on top of the ceiling fan, sometimes under a cover panel. To program a new ceiling fan remote you must match the dip switches on the fan remote and the fan.

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fan light dimmer is operated by holding down the light button then releasing the button at your desired light level. The funny story about this is the ceiling fan box said nothing about the light being dimmable, only by accident of holding down the light button did we figure out that the light was dimmable!

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  1. Glenda Jenkins

    I have a hmHB FAN INDOOR OUTDOOR ANTIQUE BRONZE. WAS A GIFT, have no instructions.wored fine for year. Fan works fine but when you turn the light on to bright with couple seconds it goes dim. Will not stay bright. They sent me new light kit, not the problem. Sent me a new remote, totally different than original remote, can’t get it to work. Original remote hsd4 little switches 1234 all pushed up. Ive tried power on and off push learn switch doesn’t help. Any ideas? Tks

    1. Zip Zap DIY

      I suspect you will need to find an exact replacement for the old remote. if the old remote had switches, you will need a new remote with switches.

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