Replace LR3 Tail Light Bulbs

This video shows how to remove the rear light on a Land Rover LR3 so you can change the bulbs or replace the tail light. The only tool you need for replacement of a brake light bulb, turn signal bulb or tail light on the LR3 is a Philips screwdriver.

The tail light on the LR3 is only held on by 2 screws and to snap fittings. To remove the light, remove the two screws and then just pull the light straight back. The bulb holders are removed by twisting counter-clockwise and then pulled out of the light housing.

The light bulbs in the tail light of an LR3:

Turn Signal: 7506
Back Up / Reverse Lights: 7506
Stop Light / Brake Light: 7528
Tail Light Bulb: 7528

Do you need to find another light for your LR3? Here is a tool that will help you identify the light bulbs: