How to Replace the VVT Solenoid Seal and Fix the Oil Leak on the LR3 Valve Cover

A common oil leak on the Land Rover LR3 4.4L V8 is located at the Variable Valve Timing Solenoid Seal. The seal over time starts to leak oil. The oil leak is on the valve covers where the solenoid pokes out of the valve cover. Replacing the VVT Solenoid Seal is a very easy job and should only require the use of a small flat blade screw driver and should only take about 10 minutes. Fixing the oil leak can be done by anyone with a slight desire to repair their own car!

On the left side of the engine, the VVT Solenoid Seal is easily accessed, On the right side of the engine the intake resonator and possibly the air box must be removed and Mass Air Flow Sensor electrical connector must be disconnected to access and replace the seal.

The seal is a shared part among many Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar and Land Rover engines. In my video, I use a Jaguar part. I purchased this part on Amazon for around $10, it can be found here: The seal is sometimes called a Rocker Cover O-Ring. The Amazon parts fitment verification tool will say this part does not fit a Land Rover LR3, you can disregard this warning.

Some of the possible part numbers for this seal are AJ82856 and 2W9Z-6A545-AA.

If the area around the VVT seal is dirty, it may be prudent to spray some simple green on a rag and wipe down the area, you do not want any large particles of dirt to get into the engine when you are removing the leaking seal or installing the new seal.

To remove the old seal, simply disconnect the electrical connector and then take the small flat blade screwdriver and gently work it under the lip (see pictures below) of the seal and pry up and then remove the leaking seal. To install the new VVT seal, take some oil from the old seal and lightly lubricate the new seal, then slide the seal over the solenoid and press firmly into place. Make sure to fully seat the new seal on the valve cover.

The Variable Valve Timing Solenoids are located on the cylinder heads, protruding through eh valve cover toward the front of the engine. There is a single electrical connector that must be removed in order to replace the leaking seal.
Land Rover LR3 4.4L VVT Solenoid Seal

The picture below shows the old VVT seals after being removed from the LR3. The bad seals are leaking oil on to the valve cover.

Old VVT Seals

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