Replace LR3 Windshield Cowling

Replacing the windshield cowling on an LR3 is a very easy job and should take around 20 minutes to get it done. The windshield cowling is only held by panel clips. You have to remove the windshield wipers to take out the cowling. I purchased the LR3 windshield cowling on Amazon for $110 with free shipping: The Land Rover Genuine part number for the cowling is LR096164.

If you have water in the passenger floor, you may have an issue with a warped cowl allowing water into the climate control system. When you have the cowling out, you can make a deflector that will keep water away from the air intake. You can make the deflector out of aluminum tape, the kind that is used on HVAC ducts. You can get this tape on Amazon:

The steps to replace the cowling should be identical on the LR3, LR4 and Range Rover Sport 2006 to 2013

Some tips to help make the cowling replacement easier:

  • Place the LR3 suspension in access mode
  • Use a towel to protect surfaces when working on it
  • When taking the wipers off, loosen the nut but leave it on a few threads when you are hitting on the wiper, this will protect the threads.

Tools Needed to Replace the cowling:

The steps to replace the cowling:

  1. Set the Land Rover’s air suspension to access mode
  2. Open the hood
  3. Mark the placement of the windshield wipers with a piece of tape
  4. Remove the windshield wipers
  5. Unsnap the clips on the cowling
  6. Pull out the cowling
  7. Slide in the new cowling
  8. Snap down all the panel clips
  9. Install the windshield wipers