Rekey Smartkey Kwikset Door Lock

The Kwikset Smartkey is a super fast and easy way to rekey a door lock. This lockset can be installed on a door and you can rekey it to the same key as your other doors.

To rekey the Kwikset Smart key, you need the current key, the new key and either the Kwikset rekey learn tool or something that you can poke in the hole on the door handle

Steps to rekey the Kwikset Smartkey

  1. Insert the current key into the lock and turn.
  2. Insert the rekey learn tool into the small hole next to the key hole.
  3. Remove the current key and insert the new key.
  4. Remove the tool and turn the key.

If you have lost your learn tool or need a new key to change to, you can get new a smart key rekey tool on Amazon:

These instructions only cover the rekey of this Kwikset lock, if you have upside down keyhole, this is how you flip the Kwikset lock from a left-hand to right-hand door.