How to Install ClosetMaid ShelfTrack

In depth step by step instructional video for mounting ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Wire Shelving. The installation shown in this video is for a 24″ wide and 24″ deep hall closet that will be used primarily to store linens, towels, paper goods, laundry supplies, etc. The total material costs for this installation was around $150.00. This installation of the ShelfTrack only strays slightly from the official instructions to accommodate for our personal preferences and needs.

You can find the official ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Instructions here:…

We have found the ShelfTrack wire shelving to be an excellent storage and organization solution and easy to install. One of its desirable features is the ability to easily change shelf spacing to accommodate changes in your storage needs. The ShelfTrack system is more expensive when compared to traditional wood shelving, but its adaptability and ease of installation more than make up for the added expense.