LR3 Sunroof Drain Repair

There are two types of sunroof leaks on the Land Rover LR3 and each type is not actually caused by the leaking sunroof but how the water drains after it gets past the seal of the sunroof. Each type is easily identified by where the water is inside your LR3.

Type 1: Water in the LR3 headliner and overhead lights. This leak type happens when the drain that takes water out of the truck clogs up with dust, dirt and debris. The water backs up in the tray around the sunroof and then overflows into the headliner. You probably first noticed this leak by water dripping from the overhead light by the rear view mirror. You can confirm thks leak by pouring water into the drain and it will back up into the sunroof tray. This leak is fixed by clearing the drain. You can clear the drain by using a firm fishing line, wire or cable and running it down through the drain hole on either side of the sunroof tray or you can take compressed air and blow it out. If you use the wire method you need to use caution when you get to the bottom of the drain, the tube is solid and firm, but the nipple at the bottom is soft rubber and you do not want to poke a hole in it. Be gentle and flush the drain out with warm soapy water while you are cleaning it with the wire.

Type 2: Water in the front floorboards. The video above and instructions below explain in detail this type of sunroof leak. The sunroof drain has a nipple that rots away and then leaves the end of the drain tube to pour water right into the driver’s foot well. Confirm this leak by opening up the dash and taking a look at the drain where it exits the truck. If you have water on the driver side floor of your Land Rover LR3, chances are that your sunroof drain line has failed, if you have water on the passenger side, you may have a window cowling failure and/or a drain failure. Confirm a passenger side failure by pouring a tiny bit of water down the drain hole, the water should drip out just behind the right front wheel.

LR3 Sunroof Drain Locations

There are a few ways to fix a type 2 leaking sunroof drain.

  1. Replace the entire drain tube. This is the preferred repair, since you will be replacing the entire line with a brand new, clean updated part. The drain lines over time collect dirt and grime and will clog, requiring periodic cleaning. Replacing the entire sunroof drain will require that you remove some dashboard pieces, the a-pillar cover, b-pillar covers, top and bottom. Remove many of the items attached to the ceiling, like the visors and grab bars and then lower the headliner to gain access to the sunroof drain tube connection on the bottom of the sunroof.
  2. Replace the Nipple.  You can replace the nipple with a correct Land Rover part or use tubing and silicone caulk. This is a much easier repair and if you use the method I show in the video will be nearly as good as the full drain tube replacement, the only reservation is that you will still have a possibly dirty drain line. 

I recommend the replacement of the nipple with a land rover part, considering the sunroof drain tube has been updated and should not fail as before and the nipple provides a permanent water tight seal to the outside of the vehicle.

LR3 Failed Drain Nipple

What you need to make the LR3 sunroof drain tube repair.

  1. Philips screwdriver
  2. Scissors or something to cut the tubing. The tubing is not difficult to cut.
  3. New Land Rover Sunroof drain tube, Part # for LR3 sunroof drain tube: EEH500100, The drain tube is 12mm OD
  4. Push To Connect Coupler, 12mm OD Straight Union:

If you have any questions about this LR3 Sunroof Drain repair, please comment on my original YouTube video.