LR3 Air Outlet, AC Vent Repair

In this video I show you how to repair a broken Land Rover LR3 Air Outlet. The LR3 AC Vents are very expensive when new, so it makes sense to try and fix it before replacing. In many cases, when the control that opens and closes the vent breaks it can be fixed by simply snapping the linkage back in place.

To access the A/C Vent, you need to remove the LR3 center cover panel. This dash panel simply pops off. Grab on both sides at the bottom and pull the panel off. The Air Outlet is held on by two tabs that when pressed in will release the air outlet. The bezel comes off with pressing tabs as well, but there is no need to remove the bezel to make the repair.

If you need to buy a new AC Vent, you may be able to buy one on Amazon:

The LR3 AC Vents are the following Part Numbers:
Air Outlet Left: JBD500210WCQ
Air Outlet Center Left: JBD500150WCQ
Air Outlet Center Right: JBD500140WCQ
Air Outlet Right: JBD500200WCQ