LR3 PCV Valve Location and Replacement

The PCV Valve on a Land Rover LR3 is located on the passenger side of engine, towards the front, underneath the engine cover on the passenger side valve cover.

The reason I am replacing the PCV on my Land Rover is I suspect it may be allowing oil into the intake. I suspect this because during a cold start up after a long drive a small cloud of white smoke came out of the exhaust. On a Porsche Boxster, this puff of smoke is almost always caused by the Air Oil Separator, the rough equivalent of the PCV valve on the Boxster. Since the PCV for a LR3 only costs around $45 (on Amazon: )and is very easy to change and my LR3 has over 200,000 miles, I figured I’d change replace it on the hunch.

LR3 PCV from 4.4L Engine

Tools Needed to Replace the PCV

  • 6mm socket
  • 8mm wrench or socket

The Steps to Replace the PCV

  1. Remove the engine cover, (Four 6mm screws and the oil cap)
  2. Remove the tube that connects the PCV to the intake. Squeeze the connector and pull it towards the front of the engine)
  3. Remove the two screws that hold down the PCV, they are 8mm screws.
  4. Pull the PCV straight up to remove it.
  5. Lubricate the new PCV o-rings with clean engine oil.
  6. Insert the new PCV, install the two screws and torque to 7 ft lbs.
  7. Plug in the connecting tube.
  8. Install the engine cover.
  9. You’re done installing a new PCV!

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