LR3 Navigation DVD Update Process

Land Rover Navigation Update Process
A picture of the navigation software update in progress.
LR3 Discovery 3 Navigation DVD Player Location
A picture of the location, lock and eject button on the navigation system DVD player.

How to update the navigation DVD in a Land Rover LR3 & RRS

  1. Obtain a new navigation DVD. ( )
  2. Start the vehicle.
  3. Move the front seat all the way forward.
  4. On RHD, the navigation DVD player is located under the passenger seat.
  5. On LHD, the navigation DVD player location is under the driver seat.
  6. Slide the lock on the DVD player to unlocked.
  7. Push the eject button and remove the old navigation DVD.
  8. Insert the new navigation DVD.
  9. slide the lock to the locked position.
  10. The system will update automatically.

Please note, the screen may go blank and give a read error as the new nav DVD is loaded.
The system software may need to update, this will happen automatically, this may take several minutes.

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