How to Remove Ugly Popcorn Ceiling! Simple and Effective!

To remove popcorn ceilings, all you’ll need is a common garden sprayer, also refereed to as a hudson sprayer, like this one, filled with water  and a 3-4inch putty knife similar to this putty knife (you don’t want a big one) and a small or large step ladder, depending on your height! :).

Spray the ceiling one section (about a 2 or 3 foot square) at a time with water, try to use a very little water at first, if the ceiling is difficult to remove, add more water as needed. You will quickly determine the level of wetness needed to make the popcorn come off easily. Sometimes it helps remove the popcorn to let the water soak in for a minute or two. You will then scrape off the popcorn easily! Be mindful, this is a very messy project, it is best to remove whatever you can from the area and cover the floor in protective plastic drop cloths.

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