How to Replace a Light Switch | How to VIDEO

Installing a light switch is an easy DIY home repair or upgrade that most anyone can do. In this video we show how to install a new Decora by Leviton light switch to upgrade from an old dirty toggle style switch. In this video we are installing a Decora light switch by Leviton.

Turn off the power!

Tools Needed:
1. Small Flat Head Screwdriver
2. Philips Head Screwdriver
3. Something to Cut Wire, recommend linesman Pliers
4. Something to Strip the Wire, Recommend Vise-Grip Wire Strippers
5. Recommend a non contact voltage detector to check if the power is off!

Disclosure: We are not licensed electricians, and as with any DIY project, you should seek out multiple resources and information before undertaking a project. This is a job that a DIYer can do, so do it!