Unlock a Land Rover with Dead Battery or Broken Key Fob

How to unlock and lock a Land Rover with a dead battery, broken key fob.

  1. Open up your key on the key fob.
  2. On the driver side of the vehicle, locate the door handle.
  3. Insert the key fully into the hole located on the bottom of the door handle cover.
  4. Remove the door handle cover to expose the lock.
  5. Insert the key and turn clockwise to unlock and counter clockwise to lock. The lock mechanism may feel a little “squishy”, this is normal.

To lock and unlock the other doors you will need to operate the manual lock on the inside of the door or use the central locking buttons.

The Land Rover door handle covers get brittle over time and you may break it when taking it off. You can order a replacement door handle cover on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2DisC35

If you have a dead key fob battery, you can replace them, How to replace the key shell and battery in a Land Rover key.

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