How to replace the wheels on a SCICON bike bag.

The SCICON® bike bag wheels are swivel stem casters and the original wheels are junk. The original Scicon bike bag wheels only and lasted only a few trips on our bag, our friends with the same bag report the same failure of the wheels.
To replace the wheels you will only need basic hand tools, an adjustable wrench or 17mm or 11/16 wrench and a pair of vise grips or something similar to grab the wheel as you tighten the nut.
Tools for caster change
The tools needed to change the bike bag wheels.

The wheels are removed by holding the caster from spinning and removing the nut on caster on the inside of the bike bag. Attaching a new scicon aerocomfort replacement wheel is the same, slide the caster into the open hole, hold it in place with channel locks, install the washer and tighten the nut.

The wheels are swivel stem casters, they are 2″ wheels. The thread pitch on the stem is Metric M10-1.5 or SAE 3/8-16. The old stem caster’s stem is 1.25″ long and the new wheel’s stem is 1.5″, so a little of the stem will stick out above the nut, this is not a problem.

You can buy the replacement wheels on Amazon:

Make sure your bike bag wheels are the same as the ones in the video before your order!

Better Scicon Replacement Wheels