Honda Generator Inverter Replacement | eu6500is

How to fix the Overload Alarm the Honda EU6500is Generator. In this situation the inverter was the problem, we swapped it out with another unit’s inverter and the overload alarm did not light up. IMPORTANT: This problem is not always the inverter, be sure to check the fuel, carb, intake behind battery and the spark arrestor before you replace the inverter.

This video shows how to replace the inverter on this Honda Generator. The inverter on the Honda EU6500is is not repairable, if it has broken like this one, with an overload alarm, then you must replace the whole part.


  • 12mm Socket
  • 10mm Socket
  • Ratchet and Extension
  • Small Screw Driver to help remove the bushing and grommet on the inverter.


Remove the transport handle (2 x 12mm Screws)
Remove the front cover (2 x 10mm Screws)
Remove the Inverter (2 x 10mm Screws & Electrical Connectors)
Remove the bushing and grommet from old inverter
Install bushings and grommet on new inverter
Install new inverter
Install the front cover
Install the transport handle

Total time to replace the inverter on a EU6500is approximately 15 minutes if tools at hand.

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