Replacing LR3 Spark Plugs with Tool List and Torque Specs

The Spark Plugs I used: NGK IFR510 Buy Here:

Each spark plug is easily removed with a spark plug socket, universal joint and 3″ extension.

Tools Needed to Replace the Spark Plugs:

LR3 Spark Plug Specs:

  • LR3 Spark Plug Gap: .040″ or 1mm
  • Spark Plug Torque: 18 ft-lbs or 25 Nm
  • Coil Pack Retaining Screw Torque: 4 ft-lbs or 6 Nm

Steps to Replace the LR3 Spark Plugs

  1. Disconnect the Battery Negative Terminal
  2. Remove the Engine Cover
  3. Remove the Air Intake Resonator
  4. Remove the PCV Valve
  5. Remove the plastic coil pack covers
  6. Remove the oil filler tube
  7. Disconnect coil pack electrical connector
  8. Remove 8mm coil pack retaining screw
  9. Remove coil pack
  10. Remove old spark plugs
  11. Verify spark plug gap of each new spark plug, .040″ or 1mm
  12. Install new spark plugs and torque to 18 ft-lb
  13. Install coil pack and tighten retaining screw to 4 ft-lb
  14. Install coil pack covers, PCV, oil filler tube, resonator, and engine cover.