LR3 Water Pump Replacement

This video shows how to replace the water pump on a Land Rover LR3 including tool list. Water pump replacement on the LR3 is a simple job that can be done in just about 1-2 hours depending on skill and how difficult the removal of cooling fan is. The cost to replace the water pump is anywhere from $55 to $200 dollars for the part depending on where and what kind you buy. A quality name brand water pump on Amazon will cost you $53 (May 2016) or you could buy a genuine Land Rover part for around $200.

The steps to remove and replace the LR3 water pump:

1. Remove covers and duct work at throttle body
2. Remove lower covers and driver side front wheel well splash guard.
3. Remove radiator cap, remove lower radiator hose, drain coolant.
4. Remove cooling fan.
5. Remove fan drive belt and remove cooling fan pulley. (this is a good time to replace belts and tensioners if needed)
6. Loosen accessory belt and remove water pump pulley.
7. Remove water pump.
8. clean mating surfaces
9. Install removed items in reverse order. (water pump and pulley’s screws are torqued to 7 ft lbs)
10. Loosen bleed screw at reservoir, fill coolant in reservoir, fill the lower radiator hose from above.
11. Start the LR3, bring to normal operating temp, with rag covering, loosen and remove coolant cap, and fill as needed.
12. Drive the Land Rover around a little and check the coolant levels until you are satisfied that the cooling system in the LR3 is working perfectly and it is filled to the correct level.

Tool list for water pump replacement:

Cooling fan removal tool
1/2 Drive ratchet or prybar
3/8 Drive ratchet or prybar
13mm socket (I’m not sure of that size for the lower radiator protective steel panel)
10mm socket and wrench
8mm socket (probably a 1/4 drive) and wrench
Torque wrench that goes down to 7 ft lbs.
Channel locks or similar to remove spring hose clamp on lower radiator hose.
Flat blade screw driver
Panel clip removal tool

LR3 water pump replacement torque specs:

Water pump screws: 7 ft lbs.
Water pump pulley screws: 7 ft lbs
Cooling fan pulley: 7 ft lbs