Land Rover LR3 Rear Differential Fluid Change

This article cover the details of how to change the fluid in the rear differential of a Land Rover LR3. This LR3 is equipped with the electronic locking rear diff and requires special electronic differential fluid. This fluid is Land Rover Part #: LR019727 Electronic Differential Fluid also known as Castrol SAF Carbon Mod Plus. I sourced the fluid from Land Rover Merriam for $31.41 / Quart. The LR3’s rear differential capacity is 1.5 Liters or 1.58 Quarts. Per the workshop manual, do not fill to the fill hole, use the correct amount of oil.
LR3 Discovery 3 Electronic Differential Fluid

The fluid change is very easy, the only complication is that it can get messy!

The LR3 Electronic Diff oil on Amazon:

The Tools Needed to Change the Rear Differential Fluid in a Land Rover LR3:

14MM Hex Socket for drain plug:
8MM Hex Socket for filler plug:

  • 3/8″ Ratchet
  • 1/2″ Ratchet
  • 3/8″ Torque Wrench
  • 1/2″ Torque Wrench
  • Drain Pan
  • Oil Suction Gun:
Tools for the LR3 Rear Differential Fluid Change

The steps to change the rear differential fluid.

1. You may not need to raise the LR3 to gain access to the differential drain plug. I set the suspension to off-road and that gives me plenty of room underneath. If you do this, it is advisable to open a door or place a jack stand under the LR3 just in case the suspension resets to normal while you are underneath.

2. Locate the rear diff drain plug, clean the area around it and place your drain pan underneath it. The drain plug is located directly on the bottom of the differential. (see picture below)

LR3 Rear Differential Drain Hole

3. Remove the drain plug and allow the fluid to drain completely. (14mm Hex Socket)

4. Clean the shavings and debris off of the drain plug.

5. Install the drain plug and tighten to 40 foot-pounds / 54 newton-meters (You can use teflon tape on the threads if you would like some extra leak protection)

6. Locate the filler plug on the right side of the differential (see picture below)

7. Clean the area around the filler plug and remove the filler plug. (8mm Hex Socket)

8. Use a suction gun to draw in new fluid from the bottle and then place the nozzle of the suction gun into the filler hole and squirt the oil into the differential. Continue this process until you have filled the differential with 1.58 quarts of new differential fluid.

9. Install the filler plug and tighten to 25 foot-pounds / 34 newton-meters.

10. Clean up the mess!

Rear Differential Fluid Change Specs:

  • Drain Plug Torque 54 Nm / 40 ft-lb
  • Filler Plug Torque 34 Nm / 25 ft-lb
  • The filler plug thread size and pitch is M16-1.5
  • Electronic Diff Fluid Land Rover Part #: LR019727
  • Change the Diff Oil Every 5 Years or 75,000 Miles

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