Land Rover LR3 Front Differential Oil Change

This article explains the details and process to change the LR3 Front Differential Oil. This is a very easy DIY project. The front differential drain plug is accessed by removing the engine undershield. This protective plate is large and heavy, use care when removing it. The LR3 uses Land Rover Gear Oil part #: LRN7591 also known as GEAR OIL-SAF-XO. I paid $15.73 per US quart at Land Rover Merriam. You will want to order 2 quarts as the differential may require just over 1 quart to fill.

LR3 / Discovery 3 Front Differential Drain Hole

You can buy the differential oil on Amazon:

Tools needed to change the LR3 Front Diff Oil:

  • 8mm Hex Socket
  • 14mm Hex Socket
  • 13mm Socket
  • 17mm Socket
  • 3/8″ Long Extension
  • 3/8″ Ratchet
  • 1/2″ Ratchet
  • 3/8″ Torque Wrench
  • 1/2″ Torque Wrench

Steps to change the diff oil:

1. Raise the LR3 to Off-Road Height, open a door to disable the suspension leveling and place a jack stand under the frame just in case the vehicle lowers. This should be enough to gain access to  change the oil, if you are larger person you will need to jack up the LR3 or use ramps.

2. Remove the engine under-shield, This his held on by several 17mm and 13mm screws. This is a heavy part. I will slide under the truck on a creeper and them gently lower the shield onto my belly.

3. Locate the front differential drain plug on the RH side of the differential (See picture below), clean the area around it, place a drain pan underneath.

LR3 Front Differential Oil Change

4. Use a 14mm hex socket to remove the drain plug and allow the oil to drain completely.

5. Clean the drain plug and if you wish, apply teflon tap to aide in sealing the plug.

6. Install the drain plug and tighten to 40 ft-lb / 54 Nm

7. Install the engine undershield.

8. Turn the steering wheel right to full lock to gain access to the front diff filler plug. (See image below)

Lr3 Discovery 3 Front Differential Fill Hole

9. Remove the filler plug using an 8mm hex socket, long extension and 3/8″ ratchet.

10. Using a suction gun: to suck up new oil from the bottle and squirt it into the open filler hole. Alternatively, you can setup a intravenous system as depicted in the picture below. This system is plastic tubing and a condiment bottle that has the bottom cut off. The tubing is pushed onto the nozzle of the bottle.

Fill front differential

11. The Workshop Manual says to fill the differential to a capacity of .68 US quarts. This capacity is incorrect. Several Land Rover Dealership service centers including Land Rover Merriam confirm that the correct fill is to the bottom of the fill plug.

12. Install the filler plug and tighten to 25 ft-lb / 34 Nm

13. Clean up the mess!

Specifications and Capacity for the LR3 Front Differential:

  • Drain Plug Torque: 40 ft-lb / 54 Nm
  • Oil Filler Plug Torque: 25 ft-lb / 34 Nm
  • Front Differential Oil, Land Rover Part #: LRN7591
  • Front Differential Capacity: *Fill to bottom of filler hole*

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