Glidden Ceiling Paint Review

I needed to repaint a hallway after a drywall repair on the ceiling and a neighbor offered to let me use a gallon of Glidden 3070 Ceiling Paint that they had left over from a recent project. This Glidden paint is the type that goes on pink and then when it dries, it dries “white”. This color change is supposed to help you see where you have painted and where you need to paint. I have never used this type of paint because I have not found it difficult to tell the difference between wet paint and dry paint, but since the ceiling paint was free, I was happy to try it out.

Glidden Ceiling Paint

I started painting and as the paint rolled on pink I thought it was nice to see what I had done. The problem comes later as the paint dries.. the Glidden paint can says the 3070 white is “Now Even Whiter” but the whiteness is terrible, it is off-white, not white. I was painting over a previously painted ceiling that I used BEHR Premium Plus Interior Ceiling Flat, Ultra Pure White 558. The difference between the two white paints was striking.

The pictures below show the difference between the two ceiling paints, the main field of the ceiling is painted with the Glidden and the edge is an area previously painted with the BEHR ceiling paint.

Glidden vs Behr Ceiling Paint

In the pictures above you can see the difference between the whiteness of the Glidden and BEHR Paints. The BEHR is pure white and the Glidden is off-white.

I cannot speak to the coverage or quality of the Glidden paint, because as soon as it dried and I saw how gross it looked, I immediately went and bought a gallon of the BEHR ceiling paint I had used before and painted over the Glidden.

Something to note, as i painted over the Glidden, the pinkness reappeared and faded as the paint dried.

When making the decision of whether or not to use the Glidden paint, you need to ask this question… Do I want a bright white ceiling or do i want an off-white ceiling that is a little easier to paint.

When I paint, to make the cleanup easier, I always use plastic paint tray liners:

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