How to Program a Universal HomeLink

This video shows the easy procedure to clear codes and program the HomeLink® in your vehicle to operate a garage door, front gate or community gate. This demonstration is in a Land Rover LR3, but will be similar on most Homelink equipped vehicles such as Mazda, Lexus, Nissan, etc.

SPECIAL NOTE: When you are programming the home HomeLink®, you will be pushing buttons on your remote and operating the garage door, make sure that you and your car are not going to be hit by the garage door!


To clear all codes:

  1. Turn the Key to the ACC position, do not start the car.
  2. hold down the first button on the left and the button on the right, hold them down until the HomeLink® light starts blinking. This may take a while, so be patient. (the video is a real time example of the time it takes to clear the codes)

To program the HomeLink® to operate a garage door, gate or other device:

  1. Take the remote for the device you want to operate and hold it next to the HomeLink® in your vehicle.
  2. Hold its operation button down and hold down the button you want to pair it with on the HomeLink®.
  3. The light will flash slowly at first, then fast, when it is flashing fast, the device has been programmed in your HomeLink®

If you wish to add another device to an unassigned button, you can do so by using the programming instructions above; there is no need to clear the codes.

Important note: if you clear the codes and want to continue to use an already programmed device, you will need to reprogram it.

HomeLink® is compatible with most devices, some devices may require special steps, such as pushing a “learn” or “smart” button on the device. Some device may require the installation of a Homelink Repeater or compatibility Kit:

You can use this website to check your device and car compatibility:

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