Fix a Stripped Fuel Line Fitting with a Repair Kit | How To VIDEO

Using a fuel line repair kit, you can repair the stripped fittings on your fuel line.

What you need to make the fuel line repair:

A small tubing cutter like this:

A fuel line repair kit like this:


It is imperative that you prepare the joint install the fitting correctly. Make sure the line is seated fully in the fitting and the ferrule is installed fully.

The brass compression fittings like the ones used in this video usually have a working pressure limit of 250 to 500psi. The safe operating temperature is usually -65 to 250 degrees F. A typical fuel line pressure is 30-50psi… and if your fuel line is operating at 250F, you’ve got much bigger problems. The other concern about using a compression fitting is that when you install the fitting incorrectly (ie. with a deformed ferrule or halfway on the tubing) or on a tubing that is softer than the fitting, you will experience a failure, considering modern automotive fuel lines are not copper or aluminum but steel, the risk of a failure because of the tubing deforming under vibration and pressure, from incompatible materials is non existent. These fittings do not fail because of vibration, vibration can expose a faulty installation.

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