Honda Element Condenser Fan Replacement

The Honda Element in this video was overheating. When sitting in traffic, the car would get very hot, as soon as the car got moving again, the Honda would quickly cool back down. Overheating in this way is a strong indicator that one of the cooling fans is bad, in this case the condenser fan was the problem, not the radiator fan. So replacing the fan solved the overheating problem.

When you are replacing the condenser fan, you could remove the upper cross member to allow for easier access to the radiator fan and condenser fan, but I have found that it takes longer and is more complicated than just squeezing and prying the fan out with the cross member in place.

When you are removing the fan, be careful with the wires that are held in place on the fan shroud.

When you are removing the broken fan and installing the new fan, to protect the radiator fins, place a piece of cardboard between the shroud and the radiator.


10mm Socket or wrench
Philips Head Screwdriver