Install IKEA Kitchen Door Handles

In this video I show how to install door hardware on a kitchen cabinet. The cabinets and doors in this video are from IKEA but he procedure works for installing door hardware is the same on any brand of door as well. I am using the IKEA FIXA Drill template to lay out my drill holes to install the door handles. The Drill Template is available on Amazon:

Using a jig or template to lay out the drill holes in your kitchen will speed up your hardware installation and reduce the possibility of mistakes.

When selecting a drill bit for the handle installation you need to have a bit that is just slightly larger than the screws you will be using. You do not want to use a drill bit that is bigger than the door hardware you are installing or else you will see the drill hole poking out around the edges of the handles.

A note on using more expensive door hardware… If you are using like me, the cheapest drawer fronts from IKEA, you could spend just a little more money on the hardware, don’t get the cheapest. You’ll find that nicer hardware can elevate the look of the whole kitchen.

IKEA Door Handle Drill Template
IKEA FIXA Drill Template with markings to show placement of drill points.
Kitchen Cabinets with IKEA Door Handles
Kitchen drawers with IKEA door handles after installing using the drill template.