Ceiling Fan Capacitor Replacement to Fix Fan Speed Problem

A Common cause for ceiling fan speed problems are a faulty fan capacitor. The capacitor stores energy and helps deliver a boost of electricity to the motor to get it up to speed. In most cases of faulty fan capacitors, the high speed does not work on the ceiling fan.

Possible causes for ceiling fan speed problems:

  1. Faulty Ceiling Fan Capacitor.
  2. Broken speed selector switch.
  3. Faulty control unit (remote control only ceiling fans, no pull switch)

When looking for an exact replacement fan capacitor you need to find one that has the same number of Wires, the same Capacitance (the number with the uf at the end) and the same Tolerance, Rated Frequency, & Voltage. Your old capacitor will have all of this info printed on it as well as a model number. If you cannot find one online http://amzn.to/2yhVnen, take your old capacitor to an electronics parts store and they will be able to get you a capacitor that meets or exceeds the specifications for your ceiling fan.

The wire strippers I am using in the video are IRWIN VISE-GRIP 2078300 Self-Adjusting Wire Strippers. These are incredible wire strippers and I highly recommend them, you can get them here: http://amzn.to/2xLzVeH