Boxster Oxygen Sensor Repair P0154, P1119

Codes P0154 & P1119 Fixed!

My car was running badly and had an occasional check engine light! Special note: if you have a blinking check engine light, this is a big deal, your Porsche is not happy! Stop the car! This may not be the best advice, but depending on how the car is acting, I will turn off the car, then restart and if no blinking CEL, I will creep it home… and not use the car again until I diagnose the problem and/or repair.

This video shows how to replace an oxygen sensor on a Porsche Boxster. This car is displaying a check engine light with the codes P0154 and P1119. These codes generally mean that the oxygen sensor is toast. I have verified that the sensor is bad by using Durametric software to read actual values of the oxygen sensor while the car is running.

It is very important that you use a Bosche Original Equipment (OEM) o2 sensor, DO NOT USE UNIVERSAL FIT OXYGEN SENSORS, your porsche will not run properly with a generic o2 sensor.

Porsche Oxygen Sensor Torque Specs

  • Oxygen Sensor to Exhaust Pipe: 37-44 ft-lbs, 50-60 Nm

Tools needed to replace the Porsche oxygen sensor:

22mm wrench
flat head screwdriver
jack, jack stand & lug wrench.

You can buy Porsche OEM Bosch Oxygen Sensors at Amazon. Verify fitment for your Porsche before ordering!