LG OE Error Message and Drain Pump Replacement

The OE error message on LG Dishwashers and Washing Machines means that the machine is not able to drain properly. This OE error can be caused by a clogged drain line, kinked drain hose, a clogged filter or a bad drain pump. You can reset the OE error message by turning off the machine and turning it back on but you will need to repair the cause of the OE error or it will return.

In this video I replace the drain pump on our LG WM3455HW Washer Dryer Combo, the pump replacement process may be different on your machine, but it will be similar in some ways. This is the LG drain pump I used: http://amzn.to/2AiGJ2S

LG OE Error on Control Panel

To check for a clogged filter, open the access panel on the front of the machine towards the bottom. Drain any water left in the machine by using the small drain tube and a cookie sheet or brownie pan to drain the water into. Remove the filter by twisting it counter clockwise and then pulling it out. Clean the filter and then install it by sliding it in and turning clockwise to secure it.

To check for a kinked drain line, visually inspect the drain line.

If the drain line is clear and the filter is clear, then you most likely have a bad drain pump. In our case, the drain pump was making alot of noise but not draining any water from the machine.


  1. Unplug the machine
  2. Drain the machine using the drain tube at the front of the machine towards the bottom, behind the access panel.
  3. Remove the 2 screws that hold the front panel.
  4. Remove the front panel by pulling at the top to unclip it then lifting up.
  5. Take a few pictures of the pump placement and connectors.
  6. Remove the 3 screws that attach the washer pump fitting to the machine. (This is to make the drain pump screws easier to remove)
  7. Unplug the electrical connectors from the drain pump.
  8. Remove the 3 screws that attach the drain pump to the washer pump fitting.
  9. If applicable, remove the cover from the old drain pump and attach to the new pump.
  10. Clean the surfaces that the drain pump mounts to.
  11. Inspect and clean the o-ring on the new drain pump.
  12. Install the new drain pump, do not over tighten the screws.
  13. Re attach the washer pump fitting.
  14. Test the machine, check for proper drainage and look for leaks.
  15. Reinstall the washing machine front panels.

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