How to Upgrade the RAM in a Toshiba L755

This video shows how to upgrade the memory on a Toshiba Satellite L755 laptop computer.

The steps to upgrade the RAM:

  1. Turn off the laptop.
  2. Turn the laptop upside down and remove the battery.
  3. Using a small Phillips screwdriver (like in this kit unscrew the screws and then gently pry to remove the RAM cover.
  4. Take your small screwdriver and unclip the memory and gently pull it from the computer.
  5. Place the new memory in the computer and put the cover and battery back on.
  6. The computer will automatically recognize the new RAM

The Toshiba Satellite L755 memory can be upgraded to 8GB total, a 4 GB memory stick in each slot. RAM at Amazon

If you are concerned about static electricity when handling the RAM and computer, it is advisable to wear a anti-static-wrist strap: