Clean the Bottom of an Iron

This video shows how I clean the bottom of my iron when it gets spots on it, either from dirt or rust.

I clean small rust spots and dirt off of the bottom of irons with steel wool and a little water. if you have a small spot or streaks on your iron soleplate, simply use #000 or #0000 super fine steel wool and gently scrub off the spot. You do not need to heat up the iron or make any fancy baking soda mixtures, just a little scrubbing will clean up most spots! #0000 Steel Wool:

If you want to clean and descale the inside of your iron, you can mix equal parts water and white vinegar and then pour that mixture into an empty iron’s reservoir. Turn the iron on and let it heat up and then turn on the steam setting and iron a washcloth and also use the steam spray button. If you are bothered about the smell of the vinegar in the iron, after you have run the white vinegar and water mixture through the iron, refill with clean water and then heat it and run the steam again.