Adjust IKEA Drawer Fronts

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This video shows how to adjust the IKEA drawer fronts on the IKEA kitchen cabinets. To make the drawer adjustments, you need a Philips head screw driver. You can adjust the drawers left to right, up and down and tilt front to back. If you drawers are bumping each other, you can adjust them so they move smoothly.

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  1. Lorna Martens-Lanza

    I have tried ton adjust the drawer fronts left and right and it is very difficult. Turning the screws multiple times (30-40 1/4 turns ) does not seem to do anything and I have watched this video for assistance numerous times. Are there any other tricks?

    1. Zip Zap DIY

      Make sure you are turning the screws on either side in opposite directions, it may be binding up on you. Turn only a little bit at a time, maybe 2 turns counter clockwise on the left, then 2 turns clockwise on the right. when you figure out which direction it is moving, you can start moving it in the right direction.

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