5 Great Gift Ideas for Home Improvement & DIY

This is a list of 5 things that I have found very useful for home improvement projects, home organization and car repair. These are not your typical fancy tool, gimmick or trendy gifts that are never used after they are opened. These are all things that I have bought for myself but I would have loved to open a box on Christmas morning full of these!

1. Blankets

Travel Blanket
Travel Blanket, floor padding for assembling Furniture

You read that right… BLANKETS!

Beach Blanket: A beach blanket that zips up like this one http://amzn.to/2AmB0ua is a perfect gift for someone to throw in their car and have handy for laying out to keep clean when changing a flat tire, when working underneath a car or for actually using at the beach or for a picnic! We keep a zip up blanket in our cars and use them a few times a year and so happy that we have them.

Moving Blankets: I’ve recently started using moving blankets around the house (I was relying on my folding beach blankets) I regularly use them to protect flooring and the finish of furniture when assembling IKEA furniture. I most recently used one to lay out on the patio when I assembled a new grill. Moving Blankets: http://amzn.to/2ApIywv Durability is something to keep in mind when buying a moving blanket for use in home improvement, a quilted type blanket will usually be a little more durable and stand up to being used on the driveway and other abrasive surfaces.

2. Velcro Cable Straps

Velcro Cable Ties

Clean up that tangled mess!

This $10 gift will get those cables and cords cleaned up! The hook and loop cable straps are a must have for computer cables, extension cords, video cables .and more. The velcro straps typically come in 6″ length and can be cut shorter or doubled up to make them longer. There are several color options and this can be used to categorize cable types and give a quick visual reference for cable length or type. In my work as a grip in video production i  I have used purple straps for 25′ power cords (stinger)  blue for 50′ and so on, this gives me a quick cue and allows me to quickly grab the cable I need without having to hunt around for the right cable.

3. Zip Ties

Zip Ties don’t make the world go around, but they do keep things firmly together!

A combo pack of different sizes of zip ties is the perfect low cost gift that will bring value for many years. A combo pack of different colors and sizes can be bought for around $5 http://amzn.to/2zo0E3I Cable Ties are a great either as a stocking suffer or stand alone inexpensive gift. Zip Ties are perfect for home mechanics, DIY enthusiasts or anyone who needs to strap something to another thing!

4. Sandpaper Storage

One of the greatest discoveries I have ever made was organizing sandpaper in an expanding file folder!

This simple file folder has save hours of searching for sandpaper and trips to the store for sandpaper i already owned. This gift is one of the cheapest, you can spend around $5 or even go to goodwill and spend less than $1. The expanding file folder helps you keep grit sizes and sandpaper types separated and easily accessed and counted.

5. Portable Fastener Organizer

Portable Fastener Storage
Portable Nut and Bolt Storage

A portable nut and bolt storage system is a must have!

The portable nut and bolt storage system is an amazing way to keep screws, bolts, nuts, washer etc organized and easily used. I’ve been keeping my nuts and bolts in a portable bin system like this since 2012. A fastener storage system like this allows you to keep extra screws and bolts from IKEA projects, extra nails, that bolt you found on the shelf, all organized and easily reachable when you need them. The portability  of the system will allow you to take to directly to the project.

This gift will save many trips to the hardware store for that little bolt needed to finish a project or make the repair.

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