How to Remove Honda Element Gauge Cluster | VIDEO

This video shows how to remove your Honda Element’s gauge cluster to access the light bulbs behind the gauges.

The gauges on the Honda are easily accessed by removing 2 panels with an upholstery removal tool, or panel clip remover. It is advised to not use a screw driver to pry the panels off, screw drivers tend to mar the edges of the dash panels.

I recommend not using the tool that i used in the video, i didn’t have a nylon prybar at the time and I risked scratching or damaging the element’s dash. You will probably want to get a set of automotive panel removal tools like this set at amazon: You will get the panel fastener removal tool and a selection of plastic prybars.

You can easily change the color of your gauges by swapping all the bulbs to colored LED like these ones:

The tools needed to remove the gauge cluster or change the bulbs are:

1. Upholstery Panel Clip Remover or Panel Pry Tool
2. Phillips Head Screwdriver