Tow Hitch Bike Rack Holder

Hitch Mount Bike Rack Dolly

Tow Hitch Bike Rack Holder

I built a dolly to hold my bike rack when not attached to our car.

Bike racks can be heavy, particularly the amazing KUAT NV 2.0. When not in use, these bike racks get in the way in the garage and are cumbersome to move around. Using a furniture dolly to hold the bike rack when not in use allows you to simply wheel the bike rack around your garage.

Materials Needed to build the Bike Rack Dolly:

If you are going to use this bike rack dolly with a KUAT bike rack, then this will be perfect, if you are using a Thule or Yakima, then you may need to modify the design.

You will need to cut the 2×4 so you have  four 12″ long pieces, two will support the rack and two will keep it in place on the dolly by holding the hitch piece in place. You will then need two smaller pieces to brace the the 2×4’s on the edges that support the rack. These two brace pieces will also give you a point at which you will place the rack on the dolly, so place the rack where it is balanced and sitting firmly, then secure the two braces.

Materials needed to build the bike rack dolly

Pictures of the bike rack dolly

Tow hitch bike rack dolly
close up picture of the bike rack dolly
close up picture of the bike rack dolly


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